The beauty of time passing

The beauty of time passing

This autumn Ro presents a “nature morte” scenery created by Rebecca Uth.

“The stage is set in a context of craft, nature and corrosion amongst pieces of art and design - and behind it all, drapes of beautiful textile from Kvadrat set a theatrical scene” Rebecca explains.

Rebecca Uth, the creative director of the Danish design company Ro, and a designer herself, collaborates with the other designers, who contribute to the collection. Ro creates objects of art, craft and design in a professional and sensual manner.  All of Ro's objects are born as a constructive dialogue between the curator and designer, and the collection includes both commercial design products and unique art objects.

Rebecca enlightens: “It is obvious to me that art and design are closely related and commercial design loses its content and its spirit, if the artistic side does not have room to materialize. Art has always been present in designers' studios and work process, even though we rarely encounter it by looking at the finished object. That exact hybrid between art and design is what we celebrate in Ro, because the world will be a lesser place without it.” 


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