BOWL no. 10 - Ultramarine

595,00 DKK


Bowl No. 10 is one in a series of useful bowls created with Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality. The Bowls are moulded by hand in stoneware and glazed in vivid colour-glazes. These Bowl’s are a Nordic setting for everything you may put into them, such as spices, dips, snacks, salads, fruit, and various accessories.

The colour-tone of the glaze may differ from bowl to bowl making each piece unique. The high base in the bottom lifts the bowl up in a way that they appear to float on the table and making the bowls stackable.

Bowl series is designed by Rebecca Uth.

Glazed stoneware in Ultramarine and Ash grey.

H 10 cm, Ø 31 cm.

Available in five sizes and is suitable for serving, both hot and cold dishes. Suitable for dishwasher and oven.