Salon Extension Tables

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The Salon Extension Table is a beautifully designed table for the large family and anyone who enjoys having guests.

The Salon Extension Table is also the perfect solution for smaller dining rooms. Extendable dining tables are a great way to maximize the use of the kitchen and dining room space you have available.

Flexibility with synchronous extraction

The Salon Extension Table is a flexible extension table which allows you to easily adjust the length of the table. By using a synchronous pull-out, easy space is created for two additional plates and thus up to extra seating around the table.

The Salon Extension Table can therefore go from measuring 190 cm to 290 cm, with space for 10 people, or from 220 cm to 320 cm, with space for 12 people.

The extension plates can be conveniently stored under the table top of the rectangular Salon Extension Table.

Choose the design that best suits your home

Salon Extension Table is available in various sizes with tabletops in solid, stick-glued oak in the oil, soap or smoke finishes.

Additional plates are available in similar designs, as well as black through-dyed MDF, which acts as a beautiful contrast to the table tops in solid wood.

The frame is made of solid oak in a similar design.

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Asger Soelberg

“My goal is to make production design free from short-term trends, and I don't care much about fashion and style. In my opinion, a product can withstand the test of time and have a quality that can last a long life, perhaps for generations."

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