Ro Collection 's series of stoneware bowls is a complementary background for any dining experience with a clear reference to Nordic cuisine and nature. The Signature Bowl is, as the name suggests, a signature product for the Ro Collection and has been part of the product range since our inception . 

Bowls in Hand-Cast Stoneware from Ro Collection

Step into a world of enchanting beauty with our unique Bowl series. These bowls are created with an organic and triangular design language, merging the aesthetic elegance of Japanese tradition with the functional Nordic style. Each bowl is a work of art in itself, hand-cast with care and glazed with reactive glazes, resulting in a distinctive and individual radiance.

Discover the magic of our Bowl series, transforming any dining experience into an aesthetic masterpiece. The stoneware that makes up the bowls is skillfully cast and shaped with a focus on Nordic minimalism and functionality. The reactive glazes, inspired by the beautiful colors of the Danish nature, create a palette of unique shades and depths. Each bowl has its own personality and expression as the colors and textures interact in unique ways.

Our Bowl series is not only a visual artwork but also practical tools in your kitchen. They are oven-safe and can be used to prepare and serve a wide range of delicious dishes. Let no. 10 inspire you to make hearty lasagnas, serve salads in no. 9, and start the day with breakfast in no. 8. These bowls are designed to add an extra dimension of elegance and aesthetics to both everyday meals and festive occasions.

The craftsmanship behind our Bowl series is based on proud traditions and skilled artisans. Each bowl is created with care and dedication at a small factory in Portugal, where the legacy of generations of skilled craftsmen lives on. Designed by Rebecca Uth, our Bowl series is a celebration of artistic talent and a tribute to the Nordic aesthetics.

Step into the world of our Bowl series and experience how these bowls can transform your table setting and add a sense of timeless elegance and beauty to your home. Enjoy the organic design language, unique color shades, and functional design aesthetics that make our Bowl bowls a true masterpiece. Let your dining experience be refined and enchanted with these exceptional bowls, combining aesthetics, creativity, and functionality in the most beautiful way.