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We are revitalizing the Danish design tradition together with the new generation of designers and craftsmen.

Ro Collection is the contrast to the fast and constantly changing world we live in. We design furniture and home accessories that only get more beautiful with time. We strive for the timeless rather than the typical and create products that can be preserved for many years - perhaps even across generations.

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Ro Collection

Ro Collection is a Danish design company founded in 2013 with a deep foundation in the love of craftsmanship, quality and timeless aesthetics. In a fast and constantly changing world, the Ro Collection is a contrast, dedicated to creating furniture and home accessories that only get more beautiful with time. Our mission is to embrace the timeless over the time-bound and create products that will last for years to come and perhaps even be cherished across generations.

Craftsmanship: Refinement of natural materials and long-term durability

At Ro Collection, we believe in the lasting beauty of long-lasting products made from natural materials. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is reflected in each and every item created. We prioritize the use of tactile materials such as wood, leather, textiles, ceramics and glass, each with its own unique story to tell. By working with these materials, we can create products that combine high functionality and pleasant tactility without compromising on quality.

Originality: Genuine Danish design

True Danish design is the core of the Ro Collection. Our original designs are inspired by the rich heritage of Danish craftsmanship and are enriched with a modern touch. We value the simplicity, elegance and functionality that characterize Danish design. Each item in our collection is carefully designed to blend harmoniously with any room, adding Nordic charm and sophistication.

European craftsmanship: Tribute to tradition and excellence

We prioritize European craftsmen and artists in the creation of our products. By collaborating with skilled artists who have inherited generations of craftsmanship, we ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. This commitment to European craftsmanship enables us to bring the best of traditional techniques and expertise into our designs and results in products of excellent quality.

Furniture: long-term durability, quality and honest materials

Our furniture collection reflects the principles of long-term durability, quality and the use of honest materials. We believe that true sustainability lies in creating products that can stand the test of time. By working with honest materials that do not fade with time, but instead age gracefully, we create furniture that can be passed down through generations. Craftsmanship and fine detail are essential to our design philosophy, ensuring that our furniture rises above temporary trends.

Accessories: Versatile and detailed beauty

At Ro Collection, we are proud of our versatile and detailed accessories. From the beginning, we have sought cooperation with the most skilled craftsmen in the industry and stuck to old craftsmanship principles without compromising. Each accessory is created through multiple hands and expertise that contribute to the final product. We honor the quality of handmade items and appreciate how craftsmanship adds a unique character to each piece.

Revitalization of the Danish design tradition: past, present and future

Ro Collection is dedicated to playing a continuous role in the revitalization of the Danish design tradition. We believe in working closely with new generations of craftsmen and designers to create products that embrace the essence of Danish design while adding a modern touch. Our creations appeal to those who seek peace, harmony and a slower lifestyle in their surroundings. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, we strive to create timeless pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

The Ro Collection represents the very essence of Danish design by combining craftsmanship, quality and timeless aesthetics. We are committed to creating products that stand the test of time and encapsulate the true spirit of Danish design while adding a modern touch. With a focus on natural materials, European craftsmanship and a dedication to revitalizing the Danish design tradition, the Ro Collection invites you to discover a world of enduring beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship.