Solid oak tables

Dining tables

Solid oak tables that combine high quality and sustainability. Our honest materials and careful craftsmanship ensure that our dining tables not only preserve and patina beautifully for many years, but also resist the changing trends of the times. With our versatile system, you can tailor your own dining table in solid oak that fits perfectly into your home and creates a timeless and stylish atmosphere.

Made in Denmark

Salon dining table

The Salon table is defined by its elegant design, so the solid oak speaks for itself. A design classic that suits any home. The table tops are made of solid sticks of glued oak, turned along the length of the table.

From 30.695 kr

Designed by Asger Soelberg

Salon extension table

A flexible extendable table with a clever design, which allows you to easily adjust the length of the table. By using a synchronous extension, space is easily created for two additional plates and thereby up to two extra seats. The Salon Extension Table can therefore go from measuring 190 cm to 290 cm, with space for 10 people, or from 220 cm to 320 cm, with space for 12 people.

From 24.495 kr

Made in Denmark

Salon extension table - round

The round Salon table is defined by its elegant design, which lets the solid oak speak for itself. A design classic that suits any home, large or small. The round table of just Ø120 cm is especially perfect for smaller dining rooms and kitchens, or wherever you may find the need for a small but extremely beautiful table.

From 19.395 kr

Made in Denmark

Salon extension table - round

The round Salon pull-out table is perfect for smaller living rooms, in the kitchen or wherever you may find the need. With two extension plates, the table reaches 220x120 cm and can accommodate 8 people in chairs with armrests. If you don't have armrests on the chairs, you'll probably be able to squeeze in more - but that's up to you to judge.

From 19.395 kr

Dining tables in solid oak from the Ro Collection

Discover our fantastic selection of dining tables in solid oak, available in 4 different versions.

The classic dining table: Our normal dining table without extension is available in different sizes to perfectly suit your needs and space. Designed with a focus on timeless beauty and functionality, these tables will grace your dining area with elegant style. Made from solid oak, our classic dining tables are a symbol of honest materials and European craftsmanship. The fine woodworking and careful details make each table a unique and valuable piece of furniture that will last for many years to come.

Flexible dining table: Our dining table with extension is ideal for those situations where you want extra space for your guests or family gatherings. You can easily adjust the size of the table and create extra seating with the help of synchronous pull-outs and additional plates. This functional design combines the best of aesthetics and practicality, making it an indispensable part of your home. With our extendable dining tables, you can meet different needs and experiences, depending on whether it is an intimate dinner for two or a festive gathering with many guests.

The round dining table: Our round dining table without extension is a true classic. With a diameter of 120 cm, this table is perfect for smaller dining rooms or kitchens, and it adds a charming Nordic touch to your decor. The round design creates a cozy atmosphere where family and friends can easily gather and enjoy meals together. Our round dining tables are made from the finest solid oak and are processed with care to ensure a smooth and elegant surface.

The extendable round dining table: Our extendable round dining table is the ideal solution for those of you who want the versatility of extra space when you need it. With additional plates, you can easily extend the table and accommodate more guests, without compromising on style and aesthetics. Our extendable round dining tables are created with the same love of detail and durability as our other designs. We focus on maintaining the charm and beauty of the round table even when extended, creating a seamless extension of the table.

At Ro Collection, we are proud of our selection of solid oak dining tables. Each table is created with love for honest materials, timeless beauty and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Our furniture is designed to last for generations and will bring joy and elegance to your home for many years to come. Discover our different dining tables to suit different needs and styles and find the perfect piece of furniture for your dining area. Choose the Ro Collection for a dining table that is more than just a piece of furniture - it's an investment in lasting beauty and functionality.