Colours of Ro

Ro is Danish for serenity, calmness, and tranquillity. Something precious. Something natural. Bursting with colour. This year, we are thrilled to present the 2024 fairs exhibition, “Colours of Ro” – a colourful highlight of our chair collection’s design, craftmanship and many customisation possibilities. Meet us in Copenhagen for Trends & Traditions 2024 and 3daysofdesign 2024, and London for Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, and fill your corner of the world with Ro.

Regatta Chair Special Edition.

Forest floor

With deep roots to the characteristics of Danish,
mid-century modern furniture splendour, the Regatta Chair is an elegant and functional chair with gently embracing armrests and a seat which floats upon a both strong and stunning frame construction.

Brought to life in a refreshing colour combination inspired by the lush forests surrounding the town of Silkeborg, the 2024 Special Edition is a new and intriguing sprout upon strong design expression, re-imagined. Treated with a pale green that gracefully sinks into and reveals the oak frame’s grains, and upholstered in a velvety, rich leather on both seat and back, the Regatta Chair in Forest floor flourishes in natural, soft tones, full of life.

Frame. Oak/Reed green (6013).
Seat & back. Sørensen Leather A/S. DUNES Racing green (21005).

Designed by Asger Soelberg.

Salon Chair Special Edition.

Midnight haze

Embracing an artistic expression with a high level of
comfort, the Salon Chair is an elegant chair with an exciting touch of
sophisticated, deliberate details.

The 2024 Special Edition ventures into the darkest hours of night along the Danish shores where lulling moonbeams catch the glitter atop lapping waves hailing from the deep ocean. The striking combination of the elegant textile supported by the vibrant frame simultaneously resonates a fateful meeting between traditional class and modern elevation in a dare to defy expectations. A strongly
concentrated embodiment of Ro Collection’s design ambitions.

Frame. Oak/Night Blue (RAL 5022).
Seat & back. Kvadrat A/S. RELATE 0711.

Designed by Asger Soelberg.

Hybrid Chair Special Edition.

Clear horizon

Experience a heavenly merge by design with the Hybrid Chair. Expanding upon superior construction and design elements of both the Salon and Regatta chairs, the Hybrid Chair is a minimalistic yet outstanding chair.

In an accentuation of the Hybrid Chair’s soft silhouette, the 2024 Special Edition emerges in a delicate yet daring full-colour reminiscent of clear skies drawn to view by the withdrawal of heavy clouds. In gentle shapes and superior leather urging touch, the Hybrid Chair in Clear horizon is an engaging piece not to go unnoticed.

Frame. Oak/Light Cyan (RAL 250 80 10).
Seat & back. Sørensen Leather A/S. FLUX Light Blue (40308).

Designed by Asger Soelberg.

Pandora Chair Special Edition.

Wild rose

The Pandora Dining Chair is a robust chair for the most inviting of dining tables, carefully designed and expertly crafted to create a most comfortable seating experience.

Experience the 2024 Special Edition, carefully dressed in a soft and delicate pink with flowery, Spring-like notes. A single touch reveals the persisting yet surprising durability, however, as both seat and back are upholstered with a stunning coated textile both wipeable and waterproof – revealing the true nature behind the Pandora Dining Chair in Wild rose as a striking bud of beauty and comfort suitable for the home as well as hospitality settings.

Frame. Oak/Salt Pink (RAL 030 80 10).
Seat & back. Kvadrat A/S. HAKU 0611.

Designed by Carsten Buhl.

Pandora Lounge Chair Special Edition.

Late Autumn

Delve into the loving embrace of the Pandora Lounge Chair. With a wide and delicately curving seat and back in laminated oak veneer resting on a solid frame of solid oak, the Pandora Lounge Chair is a stunning stronghold of comfort and moments of rest.

Take the extra step with the 2024 Special Edition. Sink into a seat upholstered with an alluring textile in a deep rose colour drawn from the rich palette of Autumn, and back upholstered with a complementary coated textile in soft pink. In natural symphony with the solid frame in oiled oak, the Pandora Lounge Chair in Late autumn is a stunning and comfortable embrace of Danish “hygge”.

Frame. Oak/Oil.
Seat. Kvadrat A/S. VIDAR 4 0693.
Back. Kvadrat A/S. HAKU 0611.

Designed by Carsten Buhl.

The special editions of 2024 are limited for professional purchase only and require an order of min.
4 chairs to be fulfilled. For more information, please contact Sales Support.