Parsley Salon


Parsley Salon

We are proud to have delivered our Regatta chair, Salon table, and Pantry storage system to Parsley Salon restaurant. Our furniture is timeless and durable, and we are excited to see them become a part of a restaurant with such a strong philosophy.

Allan Schultz, the owner and head chef, is the heart of Parsley Salon and has been contributing to Copenhagen's restaurant scene since 1985. With a passion for excellent craftsmanship and memorable flavor combinations, Parsley Salon is a place where quality takes center stage, and guests are a top priority.

Product used

The Regatta chair is a beautiful and stackable wooden chair that combines aesthetics and functionality. The Salon table is elegant and timeless, made of honest materials such as solid oak. The Pantry storage system is designed with an eye for detail and craftsmanship quality.

We are thrilled about the collaboration with Parsley Salon and contributing to a unique experience for their guests. Our furniture shares the philosophy of thinking long-term and valuing excellent craftsmanship. At Ro Collection, we are dedicated to creating sustainable and aesthetic interior products. We look forward to our furniture being a tribute to quality and beauty for generations to come.

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