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In a workshop in Northern Jutland, designer and cabinetmaker Peter Serup crafted two finger-jointed boxes with the distinctive, flowing curve that today makes up the Pantry system - a system with endless possibilities for combinations.


The starting point of the Pantry system is a box measuring 36x36x36 cm, which upon closer inspection reveals a characteristic detail that defines the furniture and reimagines the aesthetics of a bookshelf.


The distinct corners with the flowing curve accentuate the finger-jointed connections - a craftsmanship detail that invites a sensory experience of the furniture's refined simplicity.


Behind the straightforward, refined expression lies decades of experience with wood and craftsmanship. Pantry has been developed with consideration for the product's design and level of detail, and primarily with the intention of honoring and highlighting the art of good craftsmanship.


The art of good craftsmanship plays an essential role in our approach to furniture design, and based on the Danish furniture and design tradition, Pantry is produced in Denmark by experienced carpenters.

The basic form of Pantry consists of one module measuring 36x36 cm, with an optional depth of either 26 cm or 36 cm. Based on this basic form, you can choose from 8 base modules, where the number of storage spaces varies from 1 to 6:

Module 1
Height 36 cm / Width 36 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 2 (horizontal)
Height 36 cm / Width 70.5 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 2 (vertical)
Height 70.5 cm / Width 36 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 3 (horizontal)
Height 36 cm / Width 105 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 3 (vertical)
Height 105 cm / Width 36 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 4
Height 70.5 cm / Width 70.5 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 6 (horizontal)
Height 70.5 cm / Width 105 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Module 6 (vertical)
Height 105 cm / Width 70.5 cm / Depth 26 or 36 cm

Pantry is crafted from solid oak wood, and with the right attention to care and maintenance, it can preserve its beauty for generations.

Wood is a natural resource that evolves over time, adapting to humidity, sunlight, and the changing seasons. Over the years,

Pantry develops a beautiful patina, adding character and depth to the furniture. It is available in three different surface finishes: oiled oak, soap-treated oak, and smoked oak.

All of our furniture is crafted from high-quality materials. With proper maintenance and care, they endure for generations.

For more information on how to care for and mount Pantry, refer to our maintenance guide.

Designed by Peter Serup

Quality and timeless aesthetics


Tactile quality materials

We work with carefully selected and sorted materials from nature, which only become more beautiful with time.


Designed and produced in Denmark

Pantry is designed by Peter Serup and is produced by skilled craftmen with an eye for detail.


Timelessness with longevity

We work with honest materials and constructions that resist the test of time and fleeting trends.


Made to be used

Created for use both at home and in business locations. Durable elegance without compromise.


Quality. Originality. Handicrafts.

Based on original designs and good craftsmanship, we create high-quality products in natural materials, characterized by a high degree of functionality and tactility.

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Peter Serup

“I am a craftsman and creator at heart. I find my passion where visions come to life and where what does not yet exist becomes reality. I believe that the ultimate expression of design is sophistication, to the point where nature itself could have been the architect.”

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