Our service range consists of plates, cups and mugs created in an organic, triangular design characteristic of our range of stoneware. The frame is made of high-fired stoneware and glazed in specially developed, reactive glazes, which makes each individual copy unique. Discover a world of beautiful compositions.

Plates, Mugs, Cups, and Pitchers from Ro Collection

Step into a world of sublime aesthetics and functionality with our Service series. This series includes a range of enchanting plates, mugs, and cups created with an organic and triangular design language, characteristic of our stoneware collection. Our Service series combines Japanese-inspired aesthetics with Danish functionality, inviting you to explore a world of beautiful compositions.

The Plate series is a tribute to the beautiful interplay between form and color. Our plates are handcrafted from high-fired stoneware and glazed with unique reactive glazes, creating variations in the color tone and giving each plate its own unique character. The organic triangular shape and exciting color play provide an organic backdrop for a wide range of culinary experiences. Whether it's for everyday use or special occasions, our plates will add a sublime elegance and aesthetic appeal to your table.

Let yourself be inspired by our Cup collection, created with attention to detail and aesthetics. These cups are hand-cast in stoneware and glazed with reactive glazes, creating a unique color tone on each cup. The organic triangular shape and comfortable grip provide a poetic and harmonious experience with every sip. Whether it's a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a relaxing tea in the afternoon, our cups will add an extra dimension of beauty to your drinking experience.

The Service series is created with great pride and dedication at a small factory in Portugal, where ceramic craftsmanship traditions have been passed down through generations. Each plate and cup is the result of skilled craftsmen mastering the art of creating beautiful and functional ceramic products. Designed by Rebecca Uth, our Service series represents a harmonious fusion of aesthetics, creativity, and sustainable craftsmanship.

Give your table a touch of timeless elegance and aesthetic appeal with our Service series. Experience the perfect balance between form and function as you enjoy your meals and beverages in these unique ceramic pieces. Explore the compositions and be inspired by the organic beauty that defines our Service series. With each plate, mug, and cup, you can create unforgettable dining moments where aesthetics and functionality blend together in the most beautiful way.