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Oak Piece is a unique object, turned out of a whole piece of oak and created with a plateau, which, in addition to its sculptural value, opens up new functions. Use it on the table for exquisite delicacies such as salt, cheeses or caviar, as a bookend in the bookcase or on the bedside table for jewellery.

Oak Piece is created from carefully selected, massive oak logs. Here, the Oak Pieces are turned forward over several days in a slow, artistic process, as the oak must rest and dry along the way, so as not to crack too deeply. When the perfect shape is achieved, the oak is treated with walnut oil, so that the life and grain patterns are highlighted and given a darker glow.

Wood is a living material and the sculpture will therefore patina and change over time - and perhaps get cracks and thus additional personality.

H 14.5 cm / D 20 cm

Oak Piece is created from a single piece of oak wood.

Protect the oak wood by maintaining and caring for it with, for example, walnut oil. Do not use an oil that becomes rancid over time, such as olive oil. Avoid placing the object near heat sources such as direct sunlight, wood stove, radiator, and the like.

Mikkel Karlshøj

Hvert eksemplar bliver til gennem flere hænder og ekspertise, der bidrager til det endelige produkt. Vi ærer kvaliteten af håndlavede genstande og værdsætter, hvordan håndværket tilføjer en unik karakter til hvert stykke.

Mikkel Karlshøj

"Capturing nature in a product is important to me. Wood represents time, and the beautiful grain in the wood is a work of art in itself. I often find myself wanting to stop in the middle of the process to preserve just that image of the moment. "

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