Crushed Glass Vase, Large - Sepia brown

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Crushed Glass vase is a graceful series of glass vases, which with its title refers to the traditional technique behind the recycling of residual glass. With this technique, the remaining glass is crushed and reused as decoration on new designs. Molten glass is mouth blown and expanded in a wooden mold and shapes the glass according to the desired design, then the vase is turned into the crushed residual glass, which results in the beautiful and unique texture of each individual vase.

The shape and curves of the Crushed Glass vase have been designed with respect for this traditional craft, to ensure that the artistic feature of this method is enhanced and emphasized in this collection of sculptural vases.

H 30 cm / D 19,2 cm

The Crushed Glass Vase is mouth-blown, and therefore, there may be occasional air bubbles in the glass and variations in color intensity.

Clean the vase with water and soap, then pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Avoid rubbing the surface too hard with your hands or a towel, as there might be edges on the crushed glass pieces that can be sharp.

For limescale deposits inside the vase, you can use mild descaling agents. We recommend using a mild acid like lemon or diluted vinegar.

The vase is not dishwasher safe.

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