Two Tone Planter, Large - Artichoke green

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Two Tone Planter, a distinctive series of flower pots that play with illusions, combinations and contrasts. With the saucer glazed in a semi-transparent, lightened glaze and the pot in a silky matt glaze, the two units separate and complement each other.

The Two Tone Planter is spacious without appearing large and therefore does not take up much space, which makes it suitable for placement on windowsills and shelves. The shape of the saucer makes the flowerpot stable and suitable for both small and larger plants, which can quietly absorb water through the pot's drainage hole.

Two Tone Planter is made of light clay for indoor use and comes in the colors Artichoke green and Dune grey, both of which are inspired by the shades found in the Danish landscape.

H 18,5 cm / D 20 cm

The Two Tone Planter is hand-cast in earthenware and glazed with a matte, silky smooth glaze on the pot and a nuanced semi-transparent glaze on the saucers. Both glazes are waterproof. The unglazed bottom of the pot is sealed with silicone to prevent water absorption. The flower pot can be used for direct planting or as a pot cover. Always use potting soil as regular soil is too heavy. Leca balls can be added if needed to optimize drainage.

Use a wrung cloth for cleaning. The product is not suitable for machine washing. Two Tone Planter is not intended for outdoor use and is not frost-proof. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, as thermal shock can cause small cracks in the material. For decorative use only.

Rebecca Uth

Alsidig og detaljeret skønhed.

Udforsk og køb

Hvert eksemplar bliver til gennem flere hænder og ekspertise, der bidrager til det endelige produkt. Vi ærer kvaliteten af håndlavede genstande og værdsætter, hvordan håndværket tilføjer en unik karakter til hvert stykke.

Rebecca Uth

“People are the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, surprise and change people through objects. For me, design must relate to body and soul, and must be felt, tasted and seen - sometimes inexplicably and on an inaccessible level, other times just as an everyday wonder."

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