Our collection of vases is created from traditional
craftsmanship principles in the form of mouth-blown glass, hand-turned and coarse-grained clay, and hand-cast ceramics in specially developed glazes. This means that each vase is unique. There may therefore be variations in the glass, clay and glaze, which add a natural beauty to each product.

Vases from Ro Collection

Explore our captivating collection of handcrafted vases, created with skill and dedication to traditional craftsmanship principles. Our vases are unique works of art made from various materials, including mouth-blown glass, hand-turned and coarse clay, as well as hand-cast ceramics with specially developed glazes. Each vase radiates its own natural beauty and has a unique character, as variations in the glass, clay, and glaze add an incomparable aesthetic to each product.

Crushed Glass Vase

Take a look at our enchanting Crushed Glass vase series. These glass vases are the result of a traditional technique where leftover glass is recycled and crushed to create decorative elements for new designs. By melting and shaping the glass into wooden molds, we achieve the desired design, after which the vase is dipped in crushed leftover glass, giving it its unique texture. With curves and forms created with great respect for traditional craftsmanship, these sculptural vases pay homage to the aesthetics behind this method.

Hurricane Ceramic

Be enchanted by our Hurricane Ceramic collection, offering vases of hand-cast ceramics. This series breathes new life into the iconic design of the original Hurricane by introducing an entirely new texture. The matte glaze highlights the vase's natural curves and edges while the tactile surface adds an extra dimension. Inspired by the Bauhaus style with geometric shapes, these vases are a modern expression of elegance. Each Hurricane Ceramic vase is carefully and expertly crafted by skilled artisans in Portugal and exudes its own unique character.


Discover the beauty of our Hurricane vase, made from mouth-blown glass. Although originally designed to hold pillar or LED lights, it also serves as an ideal vase for flowers. Placed as a centerpiece on the table or as an elegant decoration on the terrace, the Hurricane vase creates a cozy atmosphere in any space. With its spacious opening, Hurricane no. 26 can also present beautiful flower bouquets and add an extra dimension of beauty to brighter times. Choose from our various colors and enrich your home with these impressive vases that beautifully combine aesthetics and functionality.

Hand Turned Vase

Experience the magic of our hand-turned vases, carefully crafted in a small ceramics workshop. Each vase in the Hand Turned Vase series is unique, with its own strong character and personality. The coarse clay used gives the vases a rustic and Nordic appearance, and the small natural spots that occur during the firing process add a subtle charm. The series includes Curved and Classic, both of which have their distinct expressions and uses. Whichever you choose, you can be sure to add a touch of authentic beauty and unique details to your home.

Flower Vase

Take a dive into our enchanting Flower Vase series, which combines colored and clear glass in exceptional designs. Each vase is a work of art in itself, as the glassblower works with colored and clear glass to create a unique color gradient. These vases stand steadily and offer a graduated color tone at the bottom, concealing the water and allowing the flower stems to emerge in the most beautiful way. With their aesthetic and functional approach, these vases unite nature with the object, creating a unique experience.

Hurricane Reflections

Let yourself be enchanted by the mesmerizing Hurricane Reflections series, offering mouth-blown glass vases inspired by antique kerosene lamps. These vases have a unique optical effect and shape, achieved by blowing melted glass into wooden molds. The light from a lit candle shines through the faceted silhouette, creating an atmosphere of coziness and beauty. Whether you want to enjoy summer nights on the balcony or create a mood-setting light indoors, Hurricane Reflections will bring a unique aesthetic and a sense of harmony into your home. Additionally, they also function as beautiful vases to showcase seasonal flowers with elegance.

Discover our exceptional selection of vases that exude aesthetics, creativity, and unique craftsmanship. Each vase in our collection is an authentic piece of art, telling its own unique story. Dive into our inspiring world of vases and let them enrich your home with their natural beauty and aesthetic qualities.