Hurricane no. 69 - Sepia brown, vase og lysestage

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Hurricane is designed to carry a pillar or LED light, but also suitable for flowers. Placed as a centerpiece on the table, it brings a cozy atmosphere to the family evening in the garden or at the dining table. The design has a spacious interior that makes the candle flame burn steadily. The opening has a size that means that all larger flower bouquets are distributed neatly.

With inspiration from the antique kerosene lamps, where a tall glass cylinder spreads the light and protects the flame from the surroundings, the Hurricane collection was born. Hurricane adds atmospheric light to the summer nights on balconies and terraces and lights up cozy moments indoors.

H 31 cm / D 20 cm

Hurricane is mouth-blown in a two-tone glass quality, and since it is handmade, it may have occasional air bubbles and variations in color intensity.

Use a soft brush or sponge with regular dishwashing water to remove candle wax residue. Never pour boiling water on the glass, and never use sharp objects like knives to remove wax from the glass.

Never leave a lit candle holder unattended. Never place it near curtains in the window sill. Always place the candle holder on a flat surface. Preferably, use real wax candles, not paraffin or similar, as they produce more soot and melt too quickly inside the glass.

When using descaling agents, we recommend using a mild acid like lemon or vinegar.

Rebecca Uth

Hvert eksemplar bliver til gennem flere hænder og ekspertise, der bidrager til det endelige produkt. Vi ærer kvaliteten af håndlavede genstande og værdsætter, hvordan håndværket tilføjer en unik karakter til hvert stykke.

Rebecca Uth

“People are the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, surprise and change people through objects. For me, design must relate to body and soul, and must be felt, tasted and seen - sometimes inexplicably and on an inaccessible level, other times just as an everyday wonder."

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