Flower Vase no. 2 - Moss green

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Flower Vase is mouth-blown in a fusion of colored and clear glass. The glassblower starts by blowing in the colored glass, after which clear glass is added. The method results in each individual product being unique in its color progression. There are therefore no two that are alike.

Flower Vase stands stable due to its shape and weight, while the graduated color tone of the vase at the bottom hides the cloudy flower water and lets the stems appear little by little - as if nature and object are united in an aesthetic and functional grip.

H 18 cm / D 15 cm

Flower Vase is mouth-blown, and therefore, there may be occasional air bubbles in the glass, and the color intensity may vary.

Use a soft brush or sponge with regular dishwashing liquid to remove stains and similar marks. Never pour boiling water on the glass, and avoid using sharp objects like knives to remove stains.

If using descaling agents, we recommend using mild acids such as lemon or vinegar.

Nina Erichsen

our philosophy

Quality. Originality. Craftmanship.

We strive for timeless rather than time specific, and we create products that last for years to come - maybe across generations.

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Nina Erichsen

"I think about form through working with glass and ceramics. I think about objects. Functional objects that, in addition to functioning, have a special material object, my goal has been reached."

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