We are proud to have delivered our beautiful Flower Vases and Hurricane to the exclusive restaurant Copenhague in Paris, located on the first floor of the cultural building Maison du Danemark. The restaurant is an intimate and stylish place with a unique atmosphere where Danish design and Nordic ingredients come together seamlessly.

Copenhague is known for its creative and innovative approach to cooking, with a focus on Nordic ingredients that are given a modern interpretation in the dishes. The restaurant's head chef, Andreas Møller, has a genuine passion for the "new Nordic" cuisine, which exudes authenticity and talent. With a portion of the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes, Copenhague is committed to using fresh ingredients and minimizing food waste, which aligns perfectly with our philosophy of sustainability and honest materials.

Product used

Our Flower Vases, mouth-blown in a fusion of colored and clear glass, fit perfectly into the lovely atmosphere at Copenhague. Each product is unique with its graduated color tone at the bottom, concealing the flower water and gradually revealing the flower stems - a beautiful combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Our Hurricane, a beautiful vase in mouth-blown glass, is designed to hold pillar or LED candles and is also suitable for flowers. It is the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere at Copenhague, where guests can enjoy culinary experiences in a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Copenhague and contribute to creating a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere for their guests. Our furniture is designed with care and aesthetics, and we are thrilled to see them become a part of the sophisticated environment at Copenhague, where Danish design and culinary creativity come together in harmony. It is our pleasure to be a part of enhancing the dining experience and overall ambiance at Copenhague, and we look forward to further enriching their space with our carefully crafted pieces.

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