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Jug is a jug created in an organic, triangular form characteristic of the stoneware series from the Ro Collection.

Jugs are made of high-fired stoneware and glazed in specially developed, reactive glazes, which makes each specimen unique. Jug is part of a series consisting of plates, cups, mugs, bowls and decanters inspired by Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality.

Jug has a distinctive appearance with the wide pouring spout and neck , which provides a good grip. Setting the table with this dinnerware opens up a world of compositions.

The shapes and the play of colors are an organic background for wonderful food, exquisite coffee and afternoon tea – for everyday life and exclusive moments. 

H 22 cm / W 11 cm / 1.0 L

Jug is hand cast and glazed with a reaction glaze. The color tones in the glaze may vary from product to product.

Jug can go in the dishwasher and can be used for both cold and hot drinks. Jug can also be used in the microwave.

Do not store acidic liquids such as lemon and orange juice in the carafe for several days, as the acid can affect the glaze surface.

Rebecca Uth

Hvert eksemplar bliver til gennem flere hænder og ekspertise, der bidrager til det endelige produkt. Vi ærer kvaliteten af håndlavede genstande og værdsætter, hvordan håndværket tilføjer en unik karakter til hvert stykke.

Rebecca Uth

“People are the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, surprise and change people through objects. For me, design must relate to body and soul, and must be felt, tasted and seen - sometimes inexplicably and on an inaccessible level, other times just as an everyday wonder."

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