Glass no. 48, 2 pcs

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A geometrically distinctive drinking glass in mouth-blown glass. The simple shape of a cylinder expanded with a spherical center is a sculptural expression that suits the table for everyday use as well as for special occasions. The design invites flexible use.

The elegant spherical design makes the glass suitable for wines and allows them to oxidize and develop their flavor nuances. The drinking glass fits perfectly as a lid on the decanter, and when two glasses are stacked on top of each other, the set can be easily lifted with one hand. Finally, the design is perfect as a bedside table set for water.

The design is handmade in an elegant classic smoky grey, and the drinking glass holds 250 ml. Only suitable for cold drinks. The drinking glass can be stacked and is dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to wash it by hand to preserve the clarity of the glass.

H 10 cm / Ø 9 cm

Glass no. 48 can contain 250 ml and is only for
cold drinks.

Glass no. 48 is mouth-blown in colored glass, and there may therefore be individual air bubbles in the glass and the color intensity may vary.

Glass no. 48 can withstand machine washing when the following recommendations are observed: use a short washing program of less than 6 degrees, without a drying program. Open the dishwasher door to allow the water to evaporate and dry the bowl with a tea towel. However, it is recommended to wash the glass by hand if you want to preserve the clarity of the glass.

When using descaling agents, we recommend the use of a mild acid such as citric or acetic acid.

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