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In the old days, one would mold one’s own light, and by tying the wicks along the ingenious system one could cast a coherent chandelier that could be used without the use of a foot-standing.

The same concept is the fundamental idea behind Light Piece, which is uniquely modeled after inspiration from the traditional Nordic candlelight creations.

Light Piece is shaped by hand in stoneware with a crisp, rustic expression that both contrasts and compliments its’ candles, which almost seem to grow out of the sticks.

Light Piece is available in a 3-armed and 6-armed version in light and dark clay. 

Only a few Light Pieces are produced yearly. Every Light Piece comes with a certification signed by the craftsman, who has made the particular piece. 

H 18.5 cm / W 27 cm

Light Piece is crafted by the hands of skilled Danish artisans. The raw,
grainy clay provides the piece with a tactile and rustic expression which both
contrasts and compliments the candles, which seem to almost grow out of the
light piece.

In order to remove stearin residues,

Light Piece must be dish washed by hand and dried with a soft towel.

Never use sharp objects for removing the stearin.

It is recommended to remove the remains of the candles before they

burn down in the Light Piece.

Rebecca Uth

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Rebecca Uth

“People are the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, surprise and change people through objects. For me, design must relate to body and soul, and must be felt, tasted and seen - sometimes inexplicably and on an inaccessible level, other times just as an everyday wonder."

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