Ro Collection is a Danish design company founded in 2013 deeply rooted in the love of craftmanship, quality, and timeless aesthetics.

Ro Collection is the contrast to the fast and constantly changing world we live in - designing furniture and home accessories that will only become more beautiful with the passing of time.

We strive for the timeless rather than time specific, and create products that last for years to come - maybe even across generations.

Based on original design and good craftsmanship, we create high-quality products in natural materials, defined by a high degree of functionality and tactility.

We work with nature's own materials - wood, leather, textiles, ceramics, and glass. All tactile materials with their own stories to tell, allowing us to create unique products without any compromise.

We want to continuously play a part in revitalizing the Danish design tradition together with new generations of craftsmen and designers, with products that are embraced by those who seek serenity, calmness, and a slower pace of life.



Long-lasting products and natural materials.



Authentic Danish design



We prioritise European craftsmen and artisans


Longevity, Quality and Honest Materials

At Ro Collection, we believe that high quality and sustainability are one and the same. We work with honest materials that do not fade with time but endure across generations.

Craftsmanship and fine details are essential in our overall approach to design - creating furniture that stands the test of time and transcends temporary trends.


Versatile and Detailed Beauty

Since the beginning, Ro Collection has aimed to collaborate with the most skilled craftsmen in the industry and create home accessories based on traditional craftsmanship principles without compromise.

Each product takes shape through many hands before reaching its final details.

We honor the quality of handmade objects and admire how the nature of craftsmanship contributes to the unique character in each individual product.




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