Oak Board Gourmet no. 64

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Oak Board is a series of cutting and serving boards made of solid, FSC-certified oak. The design is the result of a playful session with geometric shapes: circles within circles and different angles and curves that create the unique expression and functional form.

The rounding between the two circles provides a deep and wide groove for collecting liquids and breadcrumbs. The elegant, curved edge provides a good grip, which makes it easy to turn the board and invites you to use both sides.

Use the Oak Board in the kitchen as your favorite cutting board for everyday use or as a serving board at the dining table for various tapas, pizza, sushi, bread, roasts, etc.

When the Oak Board is not in use, it creates a beautiful decoration, placed against the wall on the kitchen table.

H 2.5 cm / W 41 cm / L 45 cm

Solid, FSC-certified oak wood.

Oiling of a cutting board is important. We recommend oiling your cutting board occasionally, preferably once a month. Recommended food-safe oils can be grapeseed oil and walnut oil. The cutting board should always be completely dry before oiling. Rub it with oil and let it sit overnight (or at least a few hours). Wipe off excess oil and let the cutting board sit until the next day before using it again.

Please note that wood fibers may rise after usage. This can be remedied by sanding with sandpaper grain 240 or finer. Wipe the board clean, let it dry, and repeat the oiling process.

Lasse Sortkjær

our philosophy

Quality. Originality. Craftmanship.

We strive for timeless rather than time specific, and we create products that last for years to come - maybe across generations.

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Lasse Sortkjær

"In my work as a designer, I draw on my experience from construction, which has given me an understanding of materials and production techniques; thus, my designs can be innovative and still commercial due to the fact that I know how to easily execute them. I enjoy designing products that can last for decades."

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